Office Visits

For your convenience, we have separate waiting areas for sick and well children. Each waiting area has plenty of seating and child friendly movies. Over the years, we have developed policies that help make your child’s visit as enjoyable as possible. Please remember to arrive 15 minutes early, we plan on seeing you at your scheduled time. 

When you arrive for a well visit, please plan on being with us for at least a half hour. The nurses will bring your child to one of our private and colorful exam rooms. Your child’s height and weight will be checked at every check-up. Children under 3 will have their head growth assessed. Children over 3 have their blood pressure screened. Our doctors will examine your child and then, after all your questions have been answered, the nurses will return for any necessary tests or vaccines.

Please refer to our online Baby Book for details of each visit.

We do not “overbook”, and only schedule a reasonable number of patients per hour. We will see all sick visits the same day, and if this means we stay later or work through lunch, we are happy to do so. If you only have an appointment for one child when you arrive at the office, but want other children examined, there is a surcharge that may not be covered by your insurance carrier. We are happy to see your other child without an appointment, but please remember you are inconveniencing all the patients after you.



Our office is open from Monday through Friday. We have a walk-in clinic for sick patients from 8:00am-8:45am, no appointment required. Our phones are answered from 8:30am until 4:30pm, and are NOT turned off at lunch-time as we understand this may be the only time to call for working parents. We see appointments until 5pm; however our policy has always been to see sick patients the same day. If we must stay later for your child, we will. On Saturday mornings, one doctor in our group has office hours starting at 8:30am. Please call early for questions or appointments. Anytime the office is closed (evenings and Sundays) there is always someone to call if you have an urgent question. Simply call the office at 972-596-2131, and listen to the message for the on-call nurse contact information. One of our physicians is always on-call for emergencies.


Phone Calls

At Plano Pediatrics we have specially trained nurses answering your phone calls. Calls are returned in the order they are received unless a more urgent problem arises. All calls are answered within 1-2 hours, and if your child needs to be seen, an appointment can be made for the same day. Please try to keep your line clear when expecting a return call. If you would like to speak to your child’s physician, please let the nurse know. Our doctors are happy to call you personally, but will not be able to do so until they have finished seeing their appointments. If it is an urgent problem, please speak with the nurse and she will bring it to the doctor’s attention immediately. We have nurses available by phone 24 hours a day for your after hours phone calls.



If your child is experiencing a medical emergency, please call 911 or go to the closest hospital emergency room. If you are not sure if you have an emergency situation, you may call 911 or our office number, 972-596-2131, for medical advice. For non-emergent problems that require an after hours visit, we recommend Pediatrics After Hours.



At Plano Pediatrics, we see patients from birth to age 22 years, but do not accept new patients over age 14 years. We are equipped to handle most problems. We have the latest technology to screen vision and hearing in children under three years old. In addition to routine check-ups and common illnesses, we can see your child for developmental concerns, ADD/ADHD evaluation and treatment, wound and burn treatment, fractures (we will splint and stabilize the injury before referring to an orthopedic specialist), sports injuries, foreign body removal and asthma and allergy treatment and shots.

We offer the following in office services for your child. In our on-site lab we can perform Complete Blood Counts (CBC), Rapid Strep Tests, Urinalysis, Rapid Flu Tests, Mono Tests, Glucose Screening and Stool Screening for blood. Insurance plans require that we send all cultures to an outside laboratory. We offer transcutaneous jaundice testing for newborns which is a simple and painless test. We offer EKG screening for adolescents participating in competitive sports and for any other child when concerns arise. If your child requires an x-ray, there is a facility located just downstairs from our office.


Insurance and Billing

For your convenience, we are an in-network provider for numerous PPO’s and HMO’s. If we have a contract with your insurance carrier, we will file medical claims directly with them. Our office will also file insurance claims for hospitalizations, including newborn care. Your newborn must be added to your insurance plan within the first 30 days, otherwise they will not have coverage until your next open insurance enrollment period and you will be responsible for all charges. We file primary insurance only. Insurance claims are filed a maximum of twice, and then payment will be expected from the patient. In order to submit your claim, we must have a current copy of your insurance card on file. If you fail to make us aware of changes to your insurance carrier at the time of your visit, the responsibility for payment for the office visit and subsequent reimbursement from your new insurance carrier will be yours. All outstanding balances and co-pays will need to be paid before you can see the doctor at each office visit.

Please note that there are certain services and items that may not be reimbursed by your insurance carrier, but are the responsibility of the patient to pay. We will send you a bill for these items and prompt payment will be expected.

Payment for professional services is required at the time service is rendered. Any other arrangements for reimbursement should be discussed with our office staff prior to your visit. Please feel free to ask our staff if we are a participating provider with your current or future health insurance plan. If you are a member of an HMO, PPO, or other “managed” health plan, you must present your insurance card and co-pay at each office visit.  You are responsible for all co-pays, coinsurance, deductibles and non-insurance covered services at the time of service.

Our contract with your carrier, and your agreement with your insurance provider require both of us to follow certain procedures when accessing specialists, or obtaining laboratory or x-ray services. The insurance plan may require use of specific laboratories, hospitals or x-ray facilities, and some plans may have restrictions on seeing specialists without prior approval. Also, not all PPO’s and HMO’s provide the same coverage for preventative health visits (check-ups), immunizations or laboratory tests. We strongly recommend that you contact your insurer prior to your first well visit to make sure that you know what visits and procedures will be covered.

We are not a participating provider in Medicaid, Medicare or any other government health plan. Discounts are provided for uninsured patients. Any questions or complaints pertaining to these billing practices should be directed to our billing office.


Medication Refill Requests

Medication refills can be handled during routine office well or sick visits. Phone or fax refill requests will be completed by the next business day. Some prescriptions may require pre-authorization from your insurance carrier, so please be sure to contact us before your child is completely out of medicine. Refills will not be given for patients who have not had an exam in the preceding 12 months. ADHD medication refills require an office visit within the preceding 6 months.



Some insurance plans require pre-authorization before your child may be seen by a specialist. Please call us at least one week before your appointment so we can make sure the specialist is on your plan and obtain the referral in a timely manner. We will not authorize same day referrals except in the case of medical emergencies, and we do not do retro-active referrals.



Please download our registration form and fill out prior to office visit to save time in the office.